You want to prioritise and connect with your sexuality.

You want to be more confident in and outside the bedroom.

You're struggling with orgasms, performance or want to reduce your anxiety around sex.

You want some new tips and techniques for pleasuring yourself and your partner.

You've been struggling with relationships and you're not sure where it's going wrong.

You and your partner have communication issues where neither of you feel heard.

And most importantly, you want to maximise your access to sexual pleasure.

Sneak Peek

Week 1 - Introduction: The fundamentals of conscious sexuality

Week 2 - Anatomy of Pleasure: The orgasmic power potential of the penis & vulva

Week 3 - Alternative Relationships: What's your style? Poly, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Open Relationships & more

Week 4 - Sexual Health & Wellness: Physical, psychological and holistic sexual health practices

Week 5 - Expanding your Sexuality: Discovering kink, fetishes and spicing up your sex life 

Starts March 1st!

Join us every Tuesday starting on March 1st for 5 weeks

1pm EST

7pm GMT

8pm CET


Taught by our team of Sexperts using a combination of evidence based studies and holistic approaches.


Benefit from a hands-on approach to learning, with group activities, sharing circles, assignments and unlimited access to our team and your community.


Explore your new found knowledge in this safe space before applying it to your real life experiences and relationships.


Five weekly 90-minute live sessions. Live learning adds a level of interactivity and accountability that recorded sessions don’t offer. However, we do understand that life can get in the way. All sessions will be recorded to give you lifetime access to the content. Watch and rewatch as often as you like.

Unlimited access to your Sexperts via Slack. A lot of unexpected things might come up for you over the five weeks. If you have any questions, or want someone to chat to or share your discoveries with, we are here to support every step of the way. 

Like-minded community. The best thing about learning in real time is connecting with peers. We offer you a safe space for open and meaningful conversations. The more vulnerable you allow yourself to be, the greater your growth will be.

Workbook & Journal. To get the most out of this course, we provide you with exercises and journal prompts to allow you to truly immerse yourself in the learning. Get ready to really get to know yourself!


Become more confident in your own body and sexuality

Discover your turn on's and turn off's

Learn how to give and receive sexual pleasure

Identify your unique relationship style and how to communicate that to your current or potential partner(s)

Learn holistic techniques to access your sexuality & eroticism

Grow your communication, connection & boundary skills

Explore new orgasm techniques

Expand your sexuality, including: sex toys, fantasies, porn, kinks and fetishes

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